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Lab results

MEMC developed a Quick Report, a Web-based test-reporting system developed to enable physicians to better serve their patients and to lower costs. The proprietary system, launched in 2011 revolutionizes the way community physicians receive and view laboratory test results and images. MEMC Quick Report allows physicians to easily access their respective patient laboratory and test and radiology results from any computer with Internet access, whether at home, at the office, or at the hospital. Physicians’ offices appreciate the ability to access all lab results from one central location. Extremely busy physicians can access the day’s abnormal test results and easily prioritize their day based on patient need. Time at the office can be spent with patients. Physicians, using their secure pass-codes, can access lab results from any system.view the day’s abnormal test results

  • access a patient’s test history; download and export information

  • graph and review trending information

  • conduct a search by patient, date, daily tests or past week’s tests

  • physicians in specialized practices are able to access referred patients’ results

Uses of MEMC Quick Report range from simple to intricate. It’s now a simple task to quickly access patient test results and migrate that information to the practice’s system.

  • from home, office or any Internet-accessible location

  • secure, data-encrypted by VeriSign

  • for a better focus on treatment options